Ep 46: The Market Farmer Life – with Conor Crickmore of Neversink Farm

Listen as Conor Crickmore tells us about his journey from IT to farming, tips for those who want to grow their own food, and the importance of being connected with your food system.

Conor left the city, moved to the country and started what would later become a world class farm from nothing and with no experience. He left a IT job in a cubicle to create a homestead on a river where he could catch and grow his dinner. It did not happen quickly as it was very hard those first couple of years for Conor and his wife Kate. Conor and Kate were driven by finding a connection to nature and their food and to make a better life for themselves and their two kids born on the farm. What they ultimately created was one of the most successful small scale vegetable farms in the world.

After a decade of building their farmstead, they now teach others their high production, low till farming methods. Conor found that the current landscape of tools did not work well within his style of farming and thus he became a designer and manufacturer of farm tools. Other farmers agreed, and the tool company, Neversink Farm Tools, was born.

Conor and his family now wish to share their farm with the community through dinners in their newly renovated barn and through videos of farm life they create. They hope to inspire others to either make the leap themselves to a country life or at least to eat great food in a beautiful location with family and friends.



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